Vector Graphics that pops, and FREE.


If you’re developing websites, there are times you just wanted to focus on the coding and want to have somebody do the images for you. Creating images especially those vector graphics can be a daunting task which is why - most of the time - we just want to download stock photos or paid vector graphics to have nice-looking websites either for our personal or client’s website.

Vector Illustrations are a great way to add to modern look websites. But oftentimes these images are not free, if they are, you’re stuck with the colors that they are already on these images. Well, here is a good web developer resource that provides us good quality vector graphics in which you can customize the colors based on the theme you’re working with.

Meet - an opensource (hopefully will always be…) - where you can choose the color to match the theme you’re looking for.

If you have other good open-source web developer resources in terms of graphics and images, please comment down below. It will help a lot of starting web developers increase their productivity by focusing their time coding and just plugging in the images or resources as needed.

Until next time - happy coding!