What to do after getting cPanel Access?

So you got yourself a web hosting account from Davao.Web.Hosting (that’s great!) with default cPanel credentials - so what’s next?


We strongly suggest changing your password immediately during your initial login to your cPanel. You can follow the steps below in changing your default password to your liking. Please remember that secure passwords should contain alphanumeric characters with a few symbols. This might be difficult to remember but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can use this website to generate a secure password, and you can either copy and save it as a note or save it in your favorite password manager app.

Once you have generated a secure password, below are the steps to changing your default cPanel password.

Step # 1 - Login to your cPanel account. Use the login credentials we sent you via your registered email address. Please make sure when you’re copying and pasting you do not include additional characters or spaces. Click this link to open the cPanel login page. Enter the username and password from our email and click “Log in”.

Step # 2 - After a successful login, you will see something similar to the image below. Find the section that says “Preferences” and you’ll find an icon that says “Password & Security” - click that!


Step # 3 - You will need your default password, the one we sent in your email. Reminder, when copying and pasting passwords make sure you do not include additional characters or spaces. Enter the “Old Password” and then enter your newly generated secure password to the input fields “New Password” and “New Password (Again):”. The last two fields should match, or else it will not be accepted.


Step # 4 - Next, click the “Change your password now!” button and you’re all set. The next time you log in to your cPanel account, you should use the new secure password.

Step # 5 - Logout using the top right link that says “Logout”. Log in with your new secure password and see if it works.

Always keep your passwords safe from prying eyes. Memorize it if you can or use a password manager app so you will only have to remember one password.

When that’s done, build something great with your domain. Again, thank you for trusting Davao.Web.Hosting for your website needs.