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Another earning, Php 104.03 using coins.ph

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Remember my first earning, Php 78.22 on my last bitcoin post? Well a few days ago I got a good opportunity over the weekend. I had about Php 1,000.00 laying around on my account and I felt it's a good day to buy - the buy price dropped down to Php 448,159 per bitcoin so my Php 1,000.00 got me about 0.00223135 BTC - yeah I know it's very small but that's the only money I have for bitcoin investing. My first rule in investing is never invest money you can't afford to lose.

I was hoping I can earn at least Php 80.00 or more, that was my goal. Over the weekend, I was out of my desk for some other commitments and personal project. I was not able to monitor the bitcoin price. Today, when I woke up my wife told me it's a good time to "sell" since the bitcoin "sell" price reached about Php 494,783 per bitcoin. I was thinking I'll wait until it reached Php 500,000 per coin.

When I opened my workstation, check coins.ph and simulate a convert from the BTC I got from Friday, it resulted to about Php 1,104.03 --- I said to myself, yeah my goal was reached so I cashed-in. That's about 10.40% earning in just 3-days. It's not always like this so seizing the opportunity can differentiate from earning to losing money over the weekend!

It's not much maybe because what I invested is not much either. It's true, the bigger the investment the bigger the return. The higher the risk the higher the return might be, but not a guarantee.

Buying and selling bitcoin involves risk, you may even lose all the money you invested. So just remember my first rule, only invest the money you can afford to lose. Because if you earn something, just treat it as a bonus :)

Ready to start buying and selling bitcoin? You can create an account with coins.ph and it's that easy!

Happy investing everyone. Until the next bitcoin earning!

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