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My first Php 78.22 - Buying and Selling Bitcoin using coins.ph

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I know it's kinda late for a tech-savvy kind of person like me adopting cryptocurrency but looking at the surge of prices last December 2017 that made me thinking, "If only I bought a few coins (not satoshi) a few years ago when it was affordable, I could be rich now :("

That is the beauty of not knowing the future. Last January 9, 2018 when the price of a bitcoin is still around Php 801,191 (yeah that's really high) - I signed up for an account at coins.ph and said to myself "why not try for myself what this cryptocurrency is, bitcoin in particular and how it feels like to be in the market of bitcoin trading".

I used GCash to fund my coins.ph account, added Php 1,000.00 and converted it to satoshi -- a small part of a bitcoin, since I can't afford one whole bitcoin. :)

Guess what, after a few hours the bitcoin price drops and the drop is quite steep that when you're new to investing you'll say to yourself, "abort, get your cash out while the loss is still not that much. cut-the-losses and try next time." --- well that's not my case, instead I added another Php 1,000 to my coins.ph account and created a small script running on my server that alerts me by sending an email when the buying price drops to a certain point or buy-threshold and I will convert my Php 1,000.00 to satoshi. That same script will alerts me when the selling price reached a certain point or sell-threshold and then I will convert my satoshi back to Peso.

Guess what, I made Php 78.22 for the Php 1,000.00 I invested. Yeah I know it's not much, which is just about 7.82% in the span of 13-hours - and most of it is when I was sleeping.

Here's the time I used my Php 1010.00 to buy satoshi.

By the way, the extra Php 10.00 was a reward for verifying your coins.ph 
account by sending a photo of a valid ID and a selfie with your ID beside your face.

Here's the time I converted my satoshi to Peso.

I know the bitcoin market is very, very, very, very volatile compared to stock trading or mutual funds and I consider this a very, very, very, very high risk investment so play only the money you can afford to lose. That's the first rule in investing. Also note that in investing, the higher the risk, the higher the returns could be --- but not guaranteed!

Coins.ph is regulated by BPS (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas) so if you're asking the legitimacy of the company to operate here in Philippines, well there's your answer.

There's no harm in trying, funding your coins.ph account can also be used to buy prepaid load, send money to remittance centers and pay your bills - that's convenience, even better you get cash back or rebates when you use your coins.ph account to do so.

If you're ready to create your account, just click this link and make sure you verify to Level 2 --- Will you be excited if I told you you'll earn Php 50.00 when you complete the Level 2 verification? We'll I will be more excited because I can earn the same Php 50.00 if you do.

The more you share coins.ph service, the more you'll earn Php 50.00. Hurry because the promotion only runs for a specific time-frame.

Until my next earning, and your first earning as well!

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